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As a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting with  proven infrastructure solutions, CenturyLink Technology Solutions delivers end-to-end hosted application management services that maximize your application investments, particularly for SAP environments.

Our solutions help you leverage, integrate and customize applications as your business demands, and are fully backed by industry-recognized security and disaster recovery solutions; providing you great flexibility, minimized risk, cost savings and fast access to your data.

Hosting is the Preferred Model for SAP HANA Deployment Compared to On-Premise

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Comprehensive. Flexible. Scalable.

CenturyLink Technology Solutions provides end-to-end, hosted application management services that help deliver on the promise of Big Data computing and real-time analytics, maximize application investments and drive business agility, particularly for SAP environments. Combine your application environments with our Tier 1 network for a secure, fully-supported and proven solution.  Our application management services provide the following:

  1. Flexibility & Minimized Risk Scalable application environments that rapidly adjust to changes in business demand.  Provides peak performance on enterprise-grade infrastructure while avoiding maintenance costs and technology obsolescence.

  2. Cost Savings  Fixed, monthly OpEx consumption models provide predictable, transparent spend and eliminate the cost of over provisioned capacity – all at a lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) than an on-premise solution. A combined set of certified global resources provides an integrated and efficient approach to support/problem solving without having to hire and train dedicated resources.

  3. Fast Time-to-Production  Quickly deploy new services and capabilities without the need to acquire hardware, hire or divert IT resources from other mission-critical initiatives. The ability to support all types of transformation requirements – global, complex, deadline driven – allows you to meet changing business demands.

Solution Details:

  • Fully-managed, enterprise computing platforms, delivered as a service in shared or dedicated utility computing models

  • Operational support for the full SAP lifecycle, plus design, implementation and migration services

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing that can scale up and down as your SAP environment needs shift with changing business needs and seasonality

  • Environment automation that dramatically shortens time required for changes to your SAP environment

  • Customer-accessible online portal for access to reports, system entitlements and to initiate SAP environment change requests

  • Custom application management

  • Application performance management

  • Integration into other application management service offerings

  • Database tuning

  • Application security administration

  • Sandbox/Development hosting

  • QA/Test hosting

  • Production hosting

  • Disaster recovery

  • Application expertise

  • SAP infrastructure, architecture & design

  • Custom application integration

  • Packaged remote-control services


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Real-time Analytics Solutions and World-class Infrastructure

CenturyLink Technology Solutions offers full-service, hosted SAP HANA infrastructure and management services to help ensure a fast time-to-analysis and the ability to process high volumes of transactional data in real-time for business agility.  Combine your SAP HANA implementation with our CenturyLink AS3561 network that connects to our 55 state-of-the-art data centers, giving you high speed, prioritized traffic network and reducing the distance from your end-user to the information they are seeking.

  1. Fast time-to-production and low TCO:  One-stop-shop for all SAP HANA infrastructure and management speeds deployment by up to 4X.  Fixed, predictable monthly costs, and the ability to scale as your business changes, give you greater flexbility at one of the best price performance points at one of the best price-performance and lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).

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  1. Business Agility and Scalability with Low Risk: Scalable design allows you to start small projects and expand them as your business or geographic requirements evolve and, with the least disruption. Minimize upfront costs for better cash management with a flexible, predictable OpEx consumption model.

  2. Focus Resources to What Drives Your Business: A combined set of certified global resources means an integrated and efficient approach to support and problem solving – without having to hire and train dedicated resources. Immediately gain the advantages of existing people, processes and technologies.

  3. Accelerate and Improve Decision-making Processes:  A fully-managed platform allows for real-time correlation of data; real-time analytics help you make smarter decisions and deliver on the promise of Big Data computing.

Product Details:

Managed SAP HANA

  • 24/7 proactive management and monitoring of SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA software lifecycle management

  • Run SAP certified 24/7 global delivery teams

  • Architect, design, deploy and manage complex SAP and non-SAP landscapes

  • Administration of SAP HANA – initial, regular and on-demand tasks

  • Business continuity options for SAP HANA to meet a variety of SLA objectives

  • Delivered over a global MPLS “application aware” network

  • HANA security

  • ITIL-compliant SAP HANA support delivery

  • Foundation hosting also available


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What our customers are saying:


    The faster we get to market, the faster we realize revenue and the faster our clients can service their end users.  Savvis [CenturyLink] helps us get out in front and get there quickly, a fact that gives us the edge over our competitors.

    Mike Felice
    Manager of Technology Infrastructure,

    We no longer have to worry about selecting the right hardware or operating system.  Savvis [CenturyLink] makes those choices, and we explicitly trust their expertise to make the right ones.

    Jody Bailey
    VP Development