Two high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable public cloud solutions to meet your needs:

  1. CenturyLink Cloud — With our acquisition of Tier 3, CenturyLink Cloud delivers a public, multi-tenant cloud that targets from dev/test to mission critical workloads
  2. Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) — Public cloud that leverages a drag-and-drop web interface for easy virtual data center design


CenturyLink Cloud

Our acquisition of Tier 3 provides a virtual private cloud server for scale and flexibility, along with unique security, performance, and management companies require.

CenturyLink Named “Visionary” in the Gartner 2014 MQ for Cloud IaaS

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Whether you're looking to offload a few virtual machines, create new applications, or migrate legacy workloads, CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure and management tools offer you a more enterprise-ready path to the cloud. Built on VMware vSphere 5 technology, CenturyLink Cloud delivers:

  1. High-Performance Virtual Servers

Enterprise-grade virtual servers available on-demand. Customers may deploy in nine data centers around the world with any combination of operating system, storage and memory.

  1. Block Storage

SAN-based storage designed for business applications and high-performance database applications. Adjust storage properties for each VM in real-time and on the fly.

  1. Built-In Disaster Recovery

Each VM includes standard disaster recovery, with 5 days of rolling backup via "snapshots". Premium storage includes 14 days of backup at a secondary data center.

  1. Object Storage

Flexible storage for images, web apps, database backups and snapshots. Store any object securely, with automatic geographic redundancy and high availability.

  1. Self-Service Enterprise Networking

Multiple networking features to support advanced deployments and configurations. Direct Connect, load balancing, VPN, and firewalls are all available to be created and managed by the customer.

  1. Cloud Management

Easy to use online portal to create, manage, and delete cloud resources. Includes several built-in features to automate routine IT activities like patching.

  1. API Library

Comprehensive APIs to integrate CenturyLink Cloud services with other IT systems.

  1. Account Management and Billing

Supports enterprise hierarchies and subaccounts. Organize deployments by department or function. Detailed billing and invoicing included.


VPDC Virtual Private Data Center

Enterprise-Class Data Services in the Cloud

CenturyLink Technology Solutions’ comprehensive portfolio of VMware and vCloud based enterprise Cloud Data Center solutions allow you to deliver agile IT services to your business that help enable a seamless and secure adoption of hybrid clouds. With more than 10 years of data center hosting experience and recognized as the VMware 2012 Service Provider of the Year for North America, CenturyLink Technology Solutions is a tested and trusted industry leader that provides innovative, secure and reliable solutions that meet your cloud data center needs, just as 40% of the Forbes Top 15 brands do.

VMware and vCloud virtual data centers are built, managed and supported by CenturyLink around the world and are available in multiple deployment models based on security, privacy, governance and tenancy requirements.

Solution Details:

  • Powered by the best-of-breed including Cisco, Intel, VMware and Dell

  • Fast, self-service data center provisioning through web based drag-and-drop topology designer or application programming interface (API)

  • Multi-tiered service profiles with policy enforcement

  • Scalable for all data center services and available globally

  • Enterprise-grade security, platform redundancy and high-performance information lifecycle management (ILM) storage

  • Support for large vServer configs up to 32 vCPUs, 1TB memory and 16 TB disk


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What our customers are saying:


    Savvis [CenturyLink] has consistently had one of the best end-user portals, which generally covers every product that Savvis [CenturyLink] Sells. Resource management and utilization views across multiple hosting and cloud services help customers identify where they may have overprovisioned their infrastructure and could potentially save money.

    Gartner Magic Quadrant
    Managed Hosting
    North America (April 2013)

    We know Savvis [CenturyLink] can scale to meet our needs with its VPDC, which allows us to deploy new virtual machines without buying new infrastructure and without making our customers wait.

    Rich Vaccaro
    President and CEO