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With 30,000 servers under management and deep experience in deployment and management on all three major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris). Many of the world’s most recognized brands trust their IT infrastructure to Savvis and reap the advantages of our service-based model, stringent security, upfront customer service and ability to burst into cloud services.

We deliver compute infrastructure to over 30% of the Fortune 100 from 55 state-of-the-art global data centers with over 2 million square feet of raised floor space. Our broad portfolio of hosting platforms can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to shed the burden and capital expense of owning server hardware and operating system licenses so you can focus your attention on your strategic business initiatives.

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Infrastructure Services help easyJet succeed
By outsoucing their infrastructure to CenturyLink, easyJet can concentrate on growth
CenturyLink helps companies like Hallmark 
Transform their IT infrastructures to support their strategies
Are your IT costs aligned with Business Outcomes
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Working Closely With You to Optimize Infrastructure and Improve ROI

CenturyLink Technology Solutions offers a broad range of consulting disciplines to complement our Managed Hosting services that our clients can leverage to bring specific expertise or to round out their unique solution.  Our consultants work closely with your teams to help you reduce costs, enhance flexibility and minimize risk with tested and proven methodology and tools that optimize your infrastructure and fuel growth. From pre-priced assessments to fully customized solutions. Our consulting services include:

  1. Cloud and Virtualization:  Our Cloud and Virtualization consultants help you choose the right cloud solution to help transform your IT environment. Working with your team, our consultants help better align IT costs with cloud solutions that allow your business to do more with less, have greater flexibility/agility, increase speed to market and leverage the right combination of technology platforms.

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  1. Disaster Recovery: Our Disaster Recovery services have one goal—minimize the impact of unplanned events while keeping your business operational.  Our team works with you to assess and evaluate your current IT environment, design a robust and comprehensive DR strategy and technology enablement program, and provide you with on-going, expert operations support.
  1. Migration and Consolidation:  Our Migration and Consolidation services provide an application-based, complete solution that guides you through the transformation process; navigating business dynamics, new technology capabilities and helping to ensure your applications are optimized for those platforms. Our team has years of migration and consolidation experience for hundreds of clients and offers a proven methodology that keeps your operations running smoothly and helps you manage risk.
  1. Storage and Network:  Our holistic approach to Storage Optimization increases business agility through performance tuning, cuts costs through consolidation and provides business continuity by architecting data availability. Our end-to-end solution from assessment to implementation, transforms your storage environment to align with your business goals.  Our storage experts can help you decrease TCO on storage infrastructure assets while leveraging storage technologies and implementing best practices with our Storage Optimization Assessment and Storage Optimization Program.

Our Network Assessment services provide you with tailored solutions that optimize your network’s performance to meet your business needs.  Our team works with you to perform detailed discovery and analysis of your network infrastructure environment, giving you a clear and fact-based understanding that allows you to make cost-effective and efficient decisions regarding network design, infrastructure redundancy and scalability, future technologies and optimization that help you improve operational effectiveness and scale economically.


Infrastructure Services help easyJet succeed
By outsoucing their infrastructure to CenturyLink, easyJet can concentrate on growth
CenturyLink helps companies like Hallmark 
Transform their IT infrastructures to support their strategies
Are your IT costs aligned with Business Outcomes
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Application Infrastructure that Lays the Cornerstone for Exceptional Online User Experiences for Your Customers, Partners and Employees

CenturyLink Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Applications services including web, middleware, database and business applications, as well as, advanced monitoring to help you ensure your critical infrastructure is performing at its peak. Our Managed Application services are part of the CenturyLink management fabric, woven into our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) platform. We manage the applications that support your business-web and middleware that handle your client-driven requests and the databases that house the information about your products, services, clients and systems.  Our experts are trained in mission critical platform enablement that helps ensure your applications are running at optimal performance.

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Managed Web Applications

CenturyLink’s Managed Web Applications services are designed with two goals—maximize your websites’ availability and performance.  Hosted on any one of our dedicated or cloud delivery platforms from our global footprint of 55 data centers and delivered across a secure, high-performing MPLS network, our Managed Web Applications:

  • Free you from time-intensive tasks like patch deployment and system management so you can focus on your core business

  • Deployed on a redundant data center infrastructure to help ensure your Web applications are highly available to users at all times

  • Accommodate any number of application deployments, from a simple, single instance to broader, complex implementations that require website creation, ongoing website management and custom monitoring

Managed Database Applications

A broad portfolio of managed services for industry-leading databases, our Managed Database Applications effectively and reliably mange critical yet routine database management tasks, allowing you time to focus on your business and reduce your IT capital expenditures. Our experienced and knowledgeable team takes over the end-to-end process of procuring, installing, configuring, managing and monitoring. These teams also provides on-going maintenance and support and administration or your database applications, regardless of whether your business has standardized on Oracle, Microsoft SQL or MySQL. Scalable, reliable, affordable and secure, our managed Database Applications services:

  • Allow you to scale your databases to handle the data you routinely collect, analyze and store

  • Provide monitoring and troubleshooting services that enable high availability of your mission-critical applications

  • Effectively negotiate licenses to provide you the best possible prices and terms

Core Application Infrastructure

  • Web Server (Apache, IIS)

  • Middleware (WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, Jboss, .NET)

  • Database (MS-SQL, MySQL. Oracle RDBM)

Web Performance:

  • Application Performance Monitoring--Monitor app performance within your actual environment proactively

  • End-User Experience Monitoring--Measure App/Web performance from a global network of performance monitors

  • SIM (Savvis Intelligent Monitoring)—Monitor your colocation environment to keep things running smoothly even if we aren’t managing it


A guide to Managed Website Security
CenturyLink and Symantec strategic partnership
Benchmark your IT Organization
2013 Global IT leadrship Study



Focus on Effective Communications Not Time Consuming Tasks

CenturyLink Technology Solutions' Hosted Exchange service provides access to the full set of exchange functionality while eliminating time consuming infrastructure tasks, allowing you to focus on effective communications and not your email infrastructure. Our team has years of experience and expertise and can help provide you benefits and competitive advantages including:

  • Access your email from Outlook, Entourage, and Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Set up meetings on your calendar through group scheduling and availability tracking features

  • Create a list of contacts and distribution groups that can be shared

  • Assign tasks to coworkers and keep track of how they progress

  • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection

  • Allow users to collaborate using SharePoint without having to email documents back and forth

  • Configure your Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile device to receive corporate email

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CenturyLink Hosted Microsoft Exchange 
Fully managed offering, most widely used email platform
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2013 Global IT Leadership Study


Managed Hosting

Trusted by The World’s Leading Enterprises and Government Agencies for Managed Hosting Services

Increase agility, lower TCO and improve speed to market with CenturyLink’s Managed Hosting services.  We operate more than 55 data centers in 85 countries. We can handle extremely complex solutions, including your large scale eCommerce, content management, Big Data, and business application hosting needs.

Your engagement with CenturyLink Technology Solutions doesn’t begin with us prescribing technology to you. Our teams work with you to first understand your goals, objectives, obstacles and measurements for success.  From that, we map those requirements to the technology and platforms that will help you meet and exceed your goals at a reasonable cost and help you show ROI on the investments you make with us. 

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Product Details:

  • Intelligent Hosting-CenturyLink manages the server and the Operating System (OS)

  • Foundation Hosting-CenturyLink manages the server hardware and the client manages the OS layer

  • Private and Public network connectivity to the Global CenturyLink network

  • Inter-connected to more than 100 international network carriers providing expansive global reach

Core Application Infrastructure:

  • Web Server-Apache, IIS

  • Middleware-WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, Jboss, .NET

  • Database-MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle RDBM

Web Performance:

  • Application Performance Monitoring allows for monitoring of app performance within your actual environment

  • End User Experience Monitoring measures app/web performance from geographically diverse locations

  • SIM (Savvis Intelligent Monitoring)-monitoring of colo environment keeps things running smoothly even if we aren’t managing it


  • Hosted Exchange

Additionally, we have environments that provide a platform to test new applications or simulate massive amounts of traffic to see how your website will hold up – consider it your sandbox to play in.


Hallmark Digital Relies on CenturyLink
Delivering consistently high quality hosting
Downtime is a potential disaster for easyJet
That’s why they rely on CenturyLink to help deliver and manage their solutions
Manage your business
Not your IT Infrastructure
Discovery Communications Continues Global Expansion
With help from CenturyLink Managed Hosting



Deep Experience and Expertise to Securely Protect, Store and Manage Your Data

CenturyLink Enterprise Data Storage solutions protect your information and make it readily available when you need it.  From capacity options that include block, file and object storage to data replication, backup/archiving and data sovereignty, our solutions are secure, affordable and can provide you data resilience with up to 15 nines. Features of our storage portfolio include:

  1. Backup and Archiving:  Reliable, secure and cost-effective data storage, and management that protects your data from disaster and eliminates capital expenditures and includes enterprise backup and data archiving with Data Protect Backup.  Flexible backup options--de-duplicated disk storage and digital offsite vaulting (DOV)—helps ensures your data is protected and available when needed, while flexible billing of a pre-defined amount or month-to-month “usage” provides you a choice of billing models best suited for your needs.

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  1. NAS: NAShare, our full-featured, file-based, pay-as-you-grow Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, is a multi-tenant, operational model that requires no capital investment and delivers high performance and secure NAS cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated model.  Our flexible pay for what you need billing model, allows you to take advantage of a better per unit price the more you consume.


  1. SAN:  Secure and powerful, our Storage Area Network (SAN) products and solutions provide you the tools to improve data availability, cut operational costs and boost your operational efficiencies.  Scalable add-on backup and vaulting services help lower TCO by reducing time spent on managerial tasks while improving user production, while our flexible and cost-effective pay-as-you-grow subscription model eliminates capacity overbuying and helps lower your storage infrastructure costs.


  1. Cloud Storage: Take advantage of our extensive global footprint with Enterprise Cloud Storage solutions that combine accessibility with unlimited capacity.  Using RESTful Web Services accessible over nearly any network, you can store and access any amount of data from virtually anywhere.  Secure, reliable and massively scalable, you benefit from data sovereignty, protection from regional disasters and from ease of deploying distributed applications.  Features include simple replications choices, unlimited and affordable storage, financially backed SLAs, 24/7 support and usage only and monthly based billing plans.


Storage, Security, Backup
Shared utility model for flexibility and cost savings
Data Protect Backup
Protects your data from mistakes, disaster and everything in between



What our customers are saying:


    We visited Savvis’ [CenturyLink's] data center and the operations center, and sat down with the people who would be answering our calls, reviewed their processes, analysed their escalation procedures, and witnessed how they troubleshoot problems. We couldn’t have been more thorough – or more satisfied. Savvis [CenturyLink] is everything a top-tier managed service provider should be.

    Jason Wyrick
    Manager, Environment Team
    Starz Entertainment

    One of Savvis’ [CenturyLink's] many strengths was its rich portfolio of managed services that spanned hosting, network and security functionality. I don’t think there’s anything Savvis [CenturyLink] offers that we don’t use.

    Mark Tirschwell
    Chief Technology Officer
    Wall Street Systems