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CenturyLink Network services provide low-latency, secure and high availability connectivity.  Our Tier1 IP network carries over 20% of the world’s Internet traffic with a global reach of 85 countries. The redundant IP backbone connects our 55 data centers and customer endpoints around the world with scalable bandwidth up to 100 Gbps.  

Explore our portfolio of services and learn why CenturyLink was recognized as the fastest growing U.S. Ethernet Service Provider in 2012.


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What our customers are saying:


    The CenturyLink solution scales very quickly and economically so that I’ll be able to easily support our future growth. The Ethernet handoff makes it very easy for my IT
    staff to administer and manage the network.

    Jamie Yancy
    United Western Bancorp

    Savvis' [CenturyLink's] network connectivity meets PDQ’s requirement for speed and reliability which is an essential characteristic of our product.

    Jason Wallach
    Managing Director at