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Protect your information and have it available when you need it. CenturyLink Technology Solutions manages over 26.5 petabytes for our clients with our broad range of Enterprise Data Storage and management solutions. From capacity options that include block, file and object storage to data replication, backup/archiving and data sovereignty, our affordable and secure solutions can provide a 99.99 percent system availability SLA.



CenturyLink is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting 

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What would IT Leaders do...
If they could redefine IT and choose how data is managed and stored?



Deliver the performance and availability of your storage infrastructure while enjoying cloud economics.

Storage agility is the single most important factor driving private cloud computing today. Organizations must find a way to control the data explosion and associated storage costs while maintaining availability for broad organizational 24/7 demand. While maintaining agility, control, and access businesses must also consider security, power, compliance, and return on investment (ROI) when evaluating their storage infrastructure options.

The key to enjoying cloud economics from your storage infrastructure is to start with a foundation based on performance, proven best practices, and scalability.

Unified storage delivers: pay as you grow sizing with multiple associated billing options, scalability from gigabytes to petabytes, performance and availability, and snapshot and replication options.

Product Details

  • Choice of type of storage: block or file
  • Choice of 3 levels of performance:
    • “Velocity”
      • Available in 500GB increments
      • 15,000 IOPS availability
      • Ideal for databases, critical transaction processing, near real-time operations and reporting
    • “Vital”
      • Available in 50GB increments
      • 5,000 IOPS availability
      • Ideal for most business applications
    • “Value”
      • Available in 50GB increments
      • 500 IOPS availability
      • Ideal for test and development, archiving

CenturyLink is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting 

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What would IT Leaders do...
If they could redefine IT and choose how data is managed and stored?
Storage with Cloud Economics
Start with a foundation based on performance, best practices and scalability





CenturyLink Cloud Object Storage

Enterprises workloads need a service that offers flexible, scalable cloud storage for file of any type and any size. CenturyLink Cloud Object Storage is a distributed object storage service with automated data center redundancy.

Features include:

  • Native, automatic geo-replication
  • Scalable & fault tolerant
  • Highly available
  • S3 compatible
  • Secure, via key-pair permissions (objects flagged as private, by default)
  • Supports up to 5 GB

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Cost Effective Protection for Greater Peace of Mind

Data Protect Backup, safeguards your data from disaster and eliminate capital expenditures for data storage, protection and management, including enterprise backup and data archiving. Data Protect Backup is cost-effective, reliable and secure with flexible backup options—de-duplicated disk storage, digital offsite vaulting (DOV) or backup to tape. We offer a subscription of a pre-defined backup amount or a flexible month-to-month “Usage Only” plan. Handling more than 5.3 million backup jobs for 4,000 active clients, we have the experience and expertise to protect your data and make it available when and where you need it.

Product Details

  • Flexibility in data protection and disaster recovery topology
  • Scales with business needs
  • Delivers 24/7 operational efficiency
  • Global access to industry experts
  • Quick provisioning, modification and monitoring though the SavvisStation Portal
  • Subscription or usage-based billing

Gain control with “One of the best end-user portals”
-Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting

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Tech Specs

  • Backup to disk allows for faster restores
  • Digital offsite vaulting (DOV) allows for copies of backup images to tape at a discrete CenturyLink Data Center
  • Data de-duplication to reduce the overall storage and transfer costs
  • Protection options, including local retention, DOV or long term retention to tape
  • Data encryption to keep confidential data protected at all times
  • Backup capacity available as needed-avoids capacity planning and capital expenditures for backup servers, tape silos and backup software
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) that drive backup and restore success
  • Engineers dedicated 24/7 to managing and monitoring backup for success-data restored when needed


What would IT Leaders do...
If they could redefine IT and choose how data is managed and stored?




What our customers are saying:


    Savvis [CenturyLink] sees the long-term strategic value of our business relationship. I know Savvis [CenturyLink] understands my business, is willing to provide sound advice and will deliver on its promise.

    Sandy Rapp

    The interactions I’ve had with both the technical and sales teams [at CenturyLink] have been nothing short of excellent. They’ve been phenomenal in answering our questions, always being honest and upfront about everything.

    Rajeev Dharmapurikar